The Management Company & Team

Kappa Community Development Corp is a nonprofit corporation that became a Non-profit 501 (c) (3) in 2002 that owns KCDC OPPORTUNITY ZONE FUND LLC (KCDC), a for-profit corporation that was created in August 2022. The KCDC will become a “licensed provider of Assisted/Unassisted Living and Memory Care (AULMC) managed by a professional established AULMC Management company with years of experience such as HALLKEEN Assisted Living.

An EQUITY investment of $100,000,000 is needed for start-up financing expenses. Expenses include purchase of land, construction of the building, legal costs, improvements, start-up rent, and related expenses. Start-up expenses required include office equipment, furniture, utilities, professional services (Legal, Accounting etc.), salaries and initial cash to manage the first few months of operational expenses. The details are included in our assumptions.

Chad King Board President (NJ State Investigator Medicaid Fraud, Retired at New Jersey State Police – Twenty-five years of military, law enforcement and crisis management experience)

Larry Chenault, MBA, CEO and Fund Manager, Board Secretary  (Has served in various capacities as CEO, President, COO and Board Chair over for-profit and non-profit corporations over a 50-year span).

Tom Munlyn Board Treasurer (Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Urban Planning, Site Design and Engineering, Cost Estimating, Construction Management, Computer Applications and AutoCAD Technician)

Ben Jackson Board Treasurer Assistant (Retired Banker, Tax Consultant)

Lloyd Henderson Esq (Lawyer)

Herb Scott (Architectural and Environmental Design along with project and construction management service)

Reggie White Esq (Lawyer, CPA and College Professor)

Erik Burrell, M.Ed.(PIRT Specialist at Camden City School District Camden City School District & Real Estate Sales)

Dionne ThrBak MBA & Doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership (Professionally, he is an educational administrator. Elder ThrBak is a veteran, he served 10 years as an officer in the US Army, reaching the rank of Captain.)

Emmett Primas Esq (Assistant County Counsel for Gloucester County, New Jersey)

Curtis Johnson (Executive Director at Diocese of Camden – Real Estate Development)

Troy Miles (Manager of a team of eight Systems Engineers supporting government and commercial customers in hosted environments in several data centers in United States, Ireland, Amazon Web Services and AZURE. Troy is retired US Military)

Donald D. Moore, Ed.D. (Pastor. Organizational Strategist & Leader. Connector of people. Speech Pathologist.)

Jermaine Rhyens (Executive Director of Security, Real Estate Property Management)

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